Opzioni fotocamere Canon 40D per foto dal terrazzo di Roma

Ci sono molte opzioni nella fotocamera e io ho impostato i seguenti:

  • C. FnII: Immagine - Riduci disturbo lunghe esposizioni a 0:Off per evitare che il software corregga il rumore di fondo. Preferisco gestirlo con altri software come Photoshop nella fase dell'elaborazione delle immagini
  • C. FnIV:Oper./Altro - Simulazione esposizione live view ad 0:Disattivata (regolazione auto LCD)


1. How to turn on LV (pg. 107) - shows how to turn on LV and start/stop it.

2. C.Fn III-6 - Enable (pg. 160) - shows how to Auto Focus with LV on. (ps...push AF-ON button & One Shot must be set, mirror will lock up and focus on center point (beep) and then drop to show LV in forcus)

3. C.Fn IV-7 - LV Exposure Simulation (pg. 163) - show real time brightness with LV on.

BONUS - Info on LV screen - (pg. 112) - Press INFO button while LV is on 1 push gives you shooting info. 2 Pushes gives you all of 1 push + style mode and battery life. RGB Histogram is also possible with C.Fn IV-7 enabled.

BONUS - (pg. 110-111) With LV on, you can zoom in 5X and 10X by hitting the magnifying glass button once or twice. This is very useful for manual focusing on an object.

BONUS - With LV on, the joy stick will allow you to set focus box off center (thanks CyberPet) Center Box will also show exposure as it moves (thanks BogongBreeze)

BONUS - With LV on, DOF button works in LV. This is great is you have C.Fn IV-7 disabled. (thanks BogongBreeze)

BONUS - (pg. 114) With LV on, AE Lock and FE Lock button works

BONUS - (pg. 107) LV can be use "live" via a computer connection with supplied Canon Software.

BONUS - LV works with TC-80N3 / RS-80N3 / 60 T3 cable switches

BONUS - SILENT MODE - (pg. 106 & 113) Discusses the 3 Silent modes (flash and fps) for LV. This is important for non-Canon off shoe flash firing.

BONUS - LV will automatically turn off with what ever setting you have set for Auto Power Off (pg. 42)

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